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Do you know that you make website not paying a cent for domain registration?

Disclaimer: This post has been included as an entry into a giveaway/sweepstakes. I earn a commission from Hostgator if you use my referral link or coupon code to make a purchase. Thanks for your support As you maybe know that for website is active on the Web, you need domain name (address of your site, your home on the Internet) and hosting. That get a domain, you need to pay a little bit more than $10 for registration. There are many hosting companies on the Internet but I will focus on the hosting company Hostgator , which give the possibility of free domain to every client. Now, in details. Until now, registration domain on Hostgator site was $12,95/year. What is now? Now at Hostgator you can register your domain in well-known extensions like .COM, .NET and .ORG for free. You pay only for hosting. NOTE: HOSTGATOR OFFERS A FREE DOMAIN FOR YOUR SITE IF YOU SIGN-UP ON HOSTGATOR.COM FOR SHARED, CLOUD OR WORDPRESS OPTIMIZED HOSTING. Just sign-up on Hostgator.com for Shared hos