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My domain names for sale

AffordableWebDesign.com   - domain for Web marketing/Design/SEO agency website; Ambar.info - word "Ambar" translates like Amber from Spanish, translates like Storehouse from Uzbek. Also Ambar is an Indian male name;  Mini-Laptops.com   - this can be useful for Amazon affiliates or other affiliates. You can create an affiliate site on the domain and earn money;  IntegrateDao.com  - DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Learn more about DAO here ; DaoCn.pro - another DAO domain; MetaverseMonetizer.com   - Great domain for a Metaverse startup; Demonstrating.xyz - One word .XYZ domain; Domain-Name.info - General domain to niche: Domains, Hosting . Great for Domain registrars, hosting companies. Make your offer clicking on the link; Episodes.info   - One word .INFO! Make your offers clicking on the link; NFTcommunity.biz - Great domain for a NFT forum - $499. Grab it now!; Lahch.com - 5 letter .COM domain for any brand; FlashDrives.xyz  - Two Word .XYZ domain; Pets
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I have been awarded by Elected Badge!

 As I'm the member of ViewBug photograph community and my photos are goes high in ViewBug, I have been awarded by special icon of recognition: ELECTED BADGE .

What domain experts say about domain industry in 2020 and next 2021

 I continue Domaining topic. In this little post I provide you link to DNJournal article where well known brokers in the industry like Monte Kahn, Jeorge Hong from Guta.com, Andrew Rosener from MediaOptions.com and others; corporate leaders like Michael Robrock from Sedo, Maria Reilly from Donuts.com and others;  and investors & developers like Michael Castello, Mike Mann, Morgan Linton and others. Now this link is: The state of the industry 2021: Two dozen domain experts detail how Covid changed the business in 2020 and what to expect next  

New year, New possibilities! Level up your business with your own website!

Disclaimer:   This post has been included as an entry into a giveaway/sweepstakes. I earn a commision from Hostgator if you use my referral link or coupon code to make a purchase. Thanks for your support.  Earlier I published a post about Hostgator hosting company. So, What's the heck this Hostgator.com? Keep reading. I tell you more about this company, their services and my experience and finally WHY you have to choose Hostgator.com for your website amongst a lot hosting companies on the Internet. About Hostgator Hostgator is the leading US and world hosting company that provide all types of hosting from October 22, 2002 founded in a dorm room at Florida Atlantic University by Brent Oxley. Headquarters in Houston and Austin (TX). Have international offices in Europe, Africa, India, Asia, Australia and South America. In 2008 Hostgator was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. Hostgator have: Web hosting (Shared) ;   Cloud hosting ;

I have been awarded DayDreamer Badge.

 Except I am the founder, author and owner of Nikolaevinpictures.com, I am a member of photograph community ViewBug . Yesterday, on 16 Marth 2021 I was awarded by their honor award for being a source of inspiration. ViewBug.com is community of photographs over the world; there you can publish your photos, create challenges or participate in photo contests (YES, YES, YES - there're many photo contests). In any photo contest I wasn't won but I am proud of being awarded by the above award. 

Why Domain Names are the Future?

Year by year, Internet becomes more important than earlier. Now world pandemic increasing the value of digital by "Work online" "Work from home" . And for a business need 2 things to set a site: Domain (web address people will find it for in their browsers) and Hosting (without it website won't open in the Internet). Many domain registrars are where everyone can easily register a domain. They offer also hosting but if you want quality hosting, I recommend hosting companies NOT DOMAIN REGISTRARS . A few posts ago I wrote about one hosting company. You may contact me always via my About me page and I consult you. So, back to the domain names. Domain names is the industry well developed and many places Buy Sell  are. These are: Generic (main) Domain marketplaces , Brandable marketplaces , Telegram Buy Sell domains groups , Facebook groups , Broker newsletters , Brokerage firms etc.  From Main Domain Marketplaces, for example: Sedo, Dan.com, Afternic, Epik.com

Как я варил "Манговый компот" и что из этого получилось.

Я люблю по экспериментировать. Вот и в этой ситуации вышло также. Собрался я варить компот. Ну думаю, надо разнообразить компот, не одной же сливой. Вот я и добавил в кастрюлю ещё и манго и дыню. Конечно, я ждал два дня пока манго дозреет в домашних условиях, на кухне, в тени, но всё-таки хотел узнать: А что получится из моего эксперимента? И я почистил манго, мякоть порезал на маленькие кусочки и сложил их в стакане. Затем, разрезал дыню. А дыня попалась "та ещё дыня", оранжевая. С каждой скибки срезал верх и низ, в таком случае, получая середину. Середину каждой скибки дыни я разрезал на маленькие кусочки, и сложил в тарелку. Первое, что я сделал, это добавил одну столовую ложку сахара (я вообще думал 1 чайную ложку сахара), так как я ожидал что компот получится очень сладким. Всё-таки манго и дыня... Тёмно-красную сливу я добавил первой, а потом пошли манго и в завершение дыня, сказала: "Не ешь меня" . Итак, слива, манго, дыня. На протяжении первого