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Why Domain Names are the Future?

Year by year, Internet becomes more important than earlier. Now world pandemic increasing the value of digital by "Work online" "Work from home" . And for a business need 2 things to set a site: Domain (web address people will find it for in their browsers) and Hosting (without it website won't open in the Internet). Many domain registrars are where everyone can easily register a domain. They offer also hosting but if you want quality hosting, I recommend hosting companies NOT DOMAIN REGISTRARS . A few posts ago I wrote about one hosting company. You may contact me always via my About me page and I consult you. So, back to the domain names. Domain names is the industry well developed and many places Buy Sell  are. These are: Generic (main) Domain marketplaces , Brandable marketplaces , Telegram Buy Sell domains groups , Facebook groups , Broker newsletters , Brokerage firms etc.  From Main Domain Marketplaces, for example: Sedo, Dan.com, Afternic, Epik.com