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Why Domain Names are the Future?

Year by year, Internet becomes more important than earlier. Now world pandemic increasing the value of digital by "Work online" "Work from home". And for a business need 2 things to set a site: Domain (web address people will find it for in their browsers) and Hosting (without it website won't open in the Internet).

Many domain registrars are where everyone can easily register a domain. They offer also hosting but if you want quality hosting, I recommend hosting companies NOT DOMAIN REGISTRARS. A few posts ago I wrote about one hosting company. You may contact me always via my About me page and I consult you.

So, back to the domain names. Domain names is the industry well developed and many places Buy Sell are. These are: Generic (main) Domain marketplaces, Brandable marketplaces, Telegram Buy Sell domains groups, Facebook groups, Broker newsletters, Brokerage firms etc.  From Main Domain Marketplaces, for example: Sedo, Dan.com, Afternic, Epik.com Marketplace; from Brandable markets - SquadHelp, BrandBucket, BrandPa; Brokerage - ROTD.COM, GritBrokerage.com, eNaming.com, Guta.com, NameAgency.com, Brannans.com, DomainHoldings.com, NameExperts.com, DomainAgents.com, Sedo.com Brokerage etc. 

Take Control of Your Domain Names 

2, 3 keywords .COM is the best domain to trade, sell or buy, and it perfect for building a site on it. 2,3,4 letters/ digits .COM, single keyword .COM is the best choice for a higher price deal. 

Brandable domains... Brandable are the combination of 2, 3 words or maybe just 1 word that associate with something or specific product. Also this can be something that is no real word but perfect for a Brand. From my domains, I have Zarnie.com. Zarnie is an Australian female name but it is great name for a Fashion/Cosmetics/Beauty/Magazine. 


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My domain names for sale

AffordableWebDesign.com   - domain for Web marketing/Design/SEO agency website; HerbTablets.com - 2 word .COM and strong Herb industry domain; GPTexercises.com - related GPT domain; Ambar.info - word "Ambar" translates like Amber from Spanish, translates like Storehouse from Uzbek. Also Ambar is an Indian male name;  DaoCn.pro - DAO domain; MetaverseMonetizer.com   - Great domain for a Metaverse startup; Demonstrating.xyz - One word .XYZ domain; Slogan.info - Strong name for the advertising niche; Lahch.com - 5 letter .COM domain for any brand; FlashDrives.xyz  - Two Word .XYZ domain; Pets3.xyz MiniLaptops.xyz   -  JUST $20.  Prague.pro - the capital of Czech Republic; NikolaevRealEstate.com ; NikolaevProperties.com That's my domains for sale. If you like any of them, simply click on it and you will be redirected to domain sale's page. Or you can directly type domain in your browser to enter on sale's page. All domains listed on domain marketplaces. If you

New year, New possibilities! Level up your business with your own website!

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